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Разыскиваю данные о прабабушке. Жила (теперь деревня Хизов). Знаю где могилы ее мамы и папы, приезжаем к ним, но не могу установить памятники, т.к. не знаю годы жизни. Помогите, пожалуйста. чтобы можно было показать и рассказать своим детям.... > > >
I am hoping to know who my great grandparents were.My grandfather, Lirylo Tymczuk was born in 1886 and came to New York in 1910. He later moved to Pennsylvania had five children and died in 1986. His wife's name was Mary but was also at times called Dorothy.Her maiden name was mortz. I know he was born in Slobofka.Any information would be much appreciated.... > > >