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Witam.Moja prababcia Olga Sciepura z panieńskiego urodziła się w Bialoluszy.... > > >
Светлана Антонович, у меня есть немного информации о Скребец Максиме, 1911 гр, который служил в Армии Андерса. Обратная связь с вашим электронным адресом не работает. Напишите мне, если вам интересно. Спасибо.... > > >
I would like to have axes to the metric books of Bialousza from 1870 to 1909 that I understand are at Stolin county. HOw can I axes them? ... > > >
Veronica, my husband grandfather emigrated from Belarus or Poland in 1936-1937. I only know they were expecting a child that was born in Londrina Bazil in 1937. It was my mother in law.
Her father was Joao Brucki (translation in Brazil) When they moved to Argentina the first name became Juan that is Jhon. His wife was Stepana Ivanovna Brutskaia. He also had a borther in Argentina named Pablo( translation of Paul)
I have found with the help of DNA a Stefano and Domina Brucki. Domina moved to Canada in 1937 with her youngest daugther and 2 children. Domina seams to be the sister of our grandfather John(DNA test). they lived in Otwierzyce acros the river Goryn ; that they crossed to go to church. they worshiped at Holy Trinity Orthodox Church in Belousha, 5 miles from Stolin.... > > >
Miejsce urodzenia mojego dziadka Józefa Ściepury syna Walentego. Poszukuję informacji na temat mojej rodziny.... > > >
Ищу родственников своего отца- Денисевич Якова Яковлевича, 09декабря 1926 года рождения,
уроженца деревни Б.Викоровичи Столинского района Брестской области.... > > >
Szukam rodziny Grywkowicz... > > >
был лесником.дети его учились в польской школе (моя бабушка,его дочь денищиц ольга ивановна,по мужу ошуркевич)
... > > >
Hello, my name is Veronica .
I live in Russia , my father is from Stolin District Belousha village. Interested in my clan, family - Brutsky Stempkovsky , my grandfather Brutsky - Stempkovsky Veniamin , was born when I do not know , he died in the late 70s of the last century . Had 4 children , Lida , Mary, John and Paul . My grandmother , I know died on the day the war ended . I wanted that to learn more about their ancestors .... > > >
ищу родословную отца и деда николайчук (мiкалайчук - бел)... > > >