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I’m trying to find out what happened to my grandmothers family after world war 2. She emigrated to Western Australia with my grandfather and their two children from Germany in 1950. Her 2 brothers were Wladaslaw and Witold/Witolo Rusakiewicz or similar spelling. Her mother was Maria Iwaszko and her father was Sylvester Rusakowicz. Her brothers survived ww2 but I’m not sure where they emigrated to and what happened to Marja. ... > > >
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Добрый день. Ищу любую информацию про дедушку- Януковича Викентия Устиновича 1905 г.р. д. Бояры, Жоснянской волости, Вилейского уезда и его отца Януковича Устина Васильевича.
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