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I posted a message earlier noting that my mother came to the US from a village in the Minsk area. I want to add that her father's name was Kostanty Czemko, and his father's name was Wassily Czemko. On her ship's manifest her mother listed Dowgin as their former residence in the Minsk district. I have speculated that Dowgin might be Dolginov or Dauhinava. My email address is black@virginia.edu Thank you, Donald Black... > > >
My mother came to the US in 1913 from somewhere in the Minsk area. Her father's name was Czemko. Does anyone know anything about this family? I am writing this message because I found someone with this surname on the passenger list of a ship that arrived in Argentina in the 1920s. He said his village in Belarus was Konoplicze. Thank you, Donaldl Black... > > >
Здравствуйте. Ищу историю предков.... > > >
Ищу потомков Marii и Michała Makaś похороненых в 1970 и 1963 году на кладбище в Камне. Буду благодарен за любую информацию.... > > >
Szukam informacji na temat swoich przodków z Rodziny Łappa.... > > >
Poszukuję rodziny teścia mój teść Piotr Gorostowicz urodzony Starzynki w 1926... > > >
Poszukuję rodziny teścia a7mks... > > >
Ищу родственников, полтора века ушедших в Сибирь, в частности, в Тюменскую область. Фамилии: Яцевич, Белявские,Дударевы. ... > > >
я родом из Гиликов... > > >
szukam kontaktu z osobami z rodziny Sudnik... > > >