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  • Nieśwież, town
  • Oskierko
    von Berg, Berg Berk, Berg, von Berg
    Berg Berk, Berh
  • Ostrołęka, town
  • Oskierko BERG, Antoni Family says he was the mayor of Ostroleka at the turn of the century (20th) and his father was the 7th son of a German Count named Berg. I sure would like to know more about him and his history in Ostroleka. My grandmother was Stefania Berg (his daughter)/
    Oskierko BERG
    Oskierko BERG

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Seeking for the Surname

Oskierko Fabian Oskierko was born in Nesvizh/ Rudawki in 1879, the son of Julian Oskierko. Noble family who lost their estates due to participation in uprisings. His US citizenship documents show his birth year as 1881 but the 1879 date seems to be more likely.
von Berg, Berg Was Mayor of Ostroleka?
Jajoncykowska Married Julius Oskierko.

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  • (PL)
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  • Oskierko (ENG)
  • Askierka, Oskyerko

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  • Oskierko
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