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Panie Jaroslawie. Prosze wiecej o Żdanowiczach i Hajbowiczach... > > >
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Dzień dobry,

szukam krewnych o nazwisku Żdanowicz i Hajbowicz


Jarosław Janowski... > > >
Rodzina Antoniego Świrskiego posiadała w Borciach gospodę...... > > >
Hello! I wrote to you about 4 years ago (I was born in Paviloici, Belarus), but my email changed and we lost connection. I have talked to your relatives from Belarus and they would love to reconnect. I'm looking forward to hearing from you. Vladimir Kisel... > > > > > >
Szukam przodków mojej mamy Weroniki Wrutniak z domu Żyżniewska, jej rodzice Bonisław Żyżniewski i Zofia Żyżniewska z domu Szwabowicz... > > >
Thank you for posting the wonderful list of residents in 1939. I am related to Jana Dudojc. His parents lived in Borcy. ... > > >
My ancestor, Juzefa Karniej, was born in Borcy. She married Joachim Dudowicz, also born in Borcy. They immigrated to the United States in 1910 and 1909, respectively. I have some letters, written in Polish, from various relatives of Juzefa and Joachim dated after World War I. One of them, written by Anna Cudzanowska, on behalf of Juzefa's mother, mentions Anna's daughter, Paulina. I don't speak Polish but have puzzled out the letters somewhat with an unabridged dictionary and grammar books. It appears to me that Anna may have been Juzefa's sister, but I am not sure. Perhaps you may recognize some of the names?
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